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Discover the range of Logica systems: always one step ahead in wood drying

Why is it essential to equip your kiln with an updated and efficient control system?

An advanced control system by Logica H&S offers notable advantages: - First of all, it allows you to automate and optimize the drying process, thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of your operations. The control system precisely monitors and regulates the temperature, humidity and air flow within the dryer to ensure the desired result while reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, the system can also improve the quality of the dried wood: by maintaining optimal conditions, the wood can be dried uniformly and constantly, reducing the risk of cracks, deformations or other defects. This results in high quality products, reduced waste and guaranteed customer satisfaction. - A key advantage of Logica systems is the ability to monitor and control the drying process remotely. This allows you to track the progress of your work and make changes in real time, even when you are not physically present on site. Manage your operations effectively and flexibly, thanks to Logica systems!

Automatic or

dTouch vs dTouch XL

Automatic system


An automatic control system for wood dryers is designed to manage the entire drying process without human intervention. It uses sensors, measurement tools and control algorithms to automatically monitor and adjust key parameters such as temperature, humidity, airflow and drying time.

Which to choose?

Automatic system:

  • Efficiency: An automatic system can optimize the drying parameters according to the specific conditions of the wood, improving the overall efficiency of the process.

  • Less human intervention: Requires less supervision and human intervention, allowing you to spend fewer resources managing the dryer.

  • Accuracy: Can keep drying parameters within very precise limits, ensuring consistent, high-quality results

  • Cost: These control systems tend to be more expensive than semi-automatic systems, as they require more advanced technologies and development time.

  • Complexity: Configuring and programming an automated system may require specialized technical skills

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