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Why is it important to equip the kiln with an up-to-date and efficient control system?

An up-to-date and efficient control system can offer several advantages. First, it allows you to automate and streamline the drying process, which can increase the efficiency and productivity of your operation. The control system can precisely monitor and regulate the temperature, humidity and airflow inside the kiln to ensure that the wood is dried to the desired level while reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, a control system can also improve the quality of dried wood. In fact, by maintaining optimal drying conditions, the wood can be dried uniformly and constantly, reducing the risk of cracks, warping or other defects. This can lead to high quality products, reduced waste and increased customer satisfaction. Another benefit of having a control system is the ability to monitor and control the drying process remotely. This allows you to track the progress of your drying and make changes in real time, even when you're not physically on site. This can provide more flexibility and convenience, allowing you to manage your trades more effectively. Overall, investing in a wood drying kiln control system can offer significant benefits in terms of increased efficiency, improved quality and greater control over the drying process.

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An automatic control system for wood dryers is designed to manage the entire drying process without human intervention. It uses sensors, measurement tools and control algorithms to automatically monitor and adjust key parameters such as temperature, humidity, airflow and drying time.

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The most advanced and configurable of the TOUCH series. Ideal for the demanding user who does not like compromises.