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dTOUCH represents a step forward in control systems for kiln dryers, as it consists of the union between advanced and flexible traditional control systems with the knowledge of international experts in the field of wood drying.

It was developed in collaboration with IVALSA: the Italian institute part of the CNR (National Research Council) which also includes a specific research and experimentation laboratory for wood drying.

The dTOUCH system includes a wide library of basic programs for over 400 wood species, including special cycles to maintain or alter the natural color of the wood, for rapid processes etc ...

dTOUCH uses this database, together with the information received from the sensors and with that provided by the user (e.g. requested quality, time / quality priority, special needs, etc.) to always create the most suitable program to best dry the product according to the user's requests...

... because a large library of programs is not enough: the possible needs are different and the programs must be different to satisfy them.

dTOUCH is able to automatically recognize possible critical issues in the process (eg frozen wood, encrusted wood, etc.) and to automatically integrate the drying cycle with the most suitable solutions.


Thanks to dTOUCH, creating a customized program no longer requires the study of drying methods and the manual modification of the adjustment parameters (temperature, moisture, time, phases, etc.) simply "explain" to the system what you intend to achieve by answering a few simple questions, and the system will create the most suitable cycle for you.

dTouchXL  - wood drying control system
dTouchXL - wood drying control system

A constantly
evolving system

dTOUCH is a control system with great potential, which are now in the first phase of development, and which will be further integrated in the near future, thanks to cooperation with IVALSA and experimentation on pilot plants.

Thanks to the automatic update function your dTOUCH will be able to take advantage, free of charge and without any difficulty, of the continuous improvements and additional functions that will be developed on this product.


In addition to the advanced features it already has, further advanced features such as:

Evaluation of the cycle this function, particularly useful in the case of repeated drying on material with homogeneous characteristics (by species, thickness and initial conditions), will allow you to optimize the drying programs based on your system and your needs.

At the end of the drying cycle, it will be possible to express an evaluation on the drying cycle that has just ended; your dTOUCH expert will use the information received to change the cycle used and will record the changes for future uses.

Problem solver
A special function will allow the user to communicate to the system any doubts regarding the cycle in progress (e.g. too long times, occurrence of defects, etc.) through a simple guided procedure, at the end of which the system will take the most appropriate measures, updating automatically the program in progress.


The friendly expert

A great effort has been made to optimize ease of use of dTOUCH, which can rely on a really friendly user interface, based on a LCD color display and touch screen interface.

Wherever possible, the available functions are identifiable by icons, while the menus are available in numerous languages.

All selectable functions are highlighted by blue buttons or marks.

With dTOUCH, a single tap is enough to switch from the most complete automatic drying mode to semi-automatic mode, without the need for any programming.

The flexible solution

Based on the Logica H&S "Kiln-Bus" protocol, dTOUCH is compatible with all the latest series of sensors and actuators produced by Logica H&S.


The number of probes and their type can be varied as desired to satisfy any control requirement, including also the use of non-conventional sensors or special functions such as sterilization of timber according to ISPM15 regulation.

As an example, 3 configurations that use 3 different types of measurement systems are shown below.


Now all the features of TOUCH are

available in a new format, which improves

user experience thanks to:


- More information on one screen

thanks to new 10.1" LCD display

-Better readability thanks to the higher resolution screen

-Greater sensitivity at the user's touch

thanks to capacitive screen technology.

dTOUCH vs dTOUCH XL - wood drying control system

Standard configurations examples

dTOUCH controller - LG54 (2T, 2E, 6M)

The configuration includes:

  • dTOUCH control panel

  • LG39 relay output unit

  • LG54 / c amplifier 10m cable

  • 2 probe boxes (to be installed inside the oven, each with 1 temperature probe, 1 EMC, 3 wood probe sockets, 10m Teflon cable), 8 MC probe cables (10m)

  • 18 electrodes x 3 lengths

  • 100 x cellulose platelets


Configuration based on the LG54 amplifier, to be installed outside the kiln, to which 2 probe boxes must be connected to be installed inside the oven, particularly suitable for drying cycles up to over 80°C

NOTA: Tutti gli esempi di cui sopra utilizzano LG39 come unità di uscita a relè, in grado di comandare in modo proporzionale (tramite impulsi) serrande, valvola riscaldamento e spruzzatori, nonché di gestire i ventilatori con inversione del senso di rotazione e variazione di velocità (tramite uscita analogica).

Numerose altre varianti sono disponibili, sia per aumentare il numero di uscite a disposizione, sia per gestire segnali da sensori supplementari.

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