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Entry-level automatic control system for kiln drying


Drying Control


HELIOS 2 kiln controller is the evolution of the well-known Helios and improves the performances of its predecessor thanks to a completely renewed electronics, always maintaining a very affordable price.

This instrument is particularly suitable to control small kilns or, generally, in all systems which is necessary to maintain a high standard of quality and to reduce costs:

HELIOS 2 is the instrument with the best price/performance ratio today available on the market. 


Simply by setting the desired drying program, by writing it directly or by recalling a drying program from the memory (a standard one or a program previously saved by the user), Helios2 controller is able to run the drying cycle in a fully automatic way.

HELIOS 2 includes into a single sealed box (IP55) the control panel and the amplifier for the signals coming from the timber probes. For this reason, it must be placed close to the kiln, operation made easier thanks to its extended working temperature range. 

Technical specifications

  • Temperature measurement: 0-110ºC

  • (resolution  0-99°C: 0,1ºC / >100°C: 0,5°C)

  • Equilibrium moisture measurement (EMC): 4-30% @ 25ºC (res. 0,1%)

  • Timber moisture measurement: 6-90% @25ºC (res. 0,1%)

  • Power supply: 85-265Vac 50/60Hz

  • Keyboard with touch tecnology. 


6 Relay outputs to control:

  • Fans (manual or automatic control)                      

  • Flaps (manual or automatic control)

  • Sprayers (manual or automatic control)

  • Heating (manual or automatic control)

  • Reversal of fans rotation

  • Alarm


Additional output

  • Optoisolated RS485 serial interface


  • Double equilibrium moisture and temperature probe

  • Control software for P.C. - it requires Windows Vista (TM) or newer


  • 4 timber probes

  • 1 temperature probe (second probe optional)

  • 1 equilibrium moisture probe (second probe optional)

Main software features

  • Automatic drying cycle in 5 phases

  • Drying gradient proportional to timber moisture

  • Anti-freeze function for kiln protection

  • Automatic warning in case of electrical problems on probes

  • Alarm signalling by a dedicated relay and code on display.

  • Automatic Switch ON/OFF loads in case of alarm

  • Flaps control can be run according to temperature

  • 80 pre-programmed drying profiles

  • 19 user programmable profiles


HELIOS2 controller is supplied with the following parts:

  • Probes boxes with roof to be placed into the kiln, provided with clamp for cellulose, temperature probe, 10m long high insulation cables (Teflon®)

  • 3 sets of 10 electrodes (L=15/20/25 mm) to be placed on wood

  • 50 cellulose plates

  • 4 silicon insulation cables for connection with   electrodes

  • Instructions manual with quick reference table

  • Accessories for assembly 

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