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HELIOS 2 represents the renewed version of the previous, much appreciated and widespread Helios model.

It maintains the basic specifications of the original model, enriching them with some improvements (standard PC interface, decimal indications) but above all using the most modern discoveries in electronics to guarantee maximum quality and reliability.

Low costs, high quality

HELIOS 2 is a tool particularly suitable for solving the control needs of small dryers or, more generally, for all systems where it is necessary to contain costs while maintaining an excellent level of quality.​


With a simple initial programming, which can also be carried out by recalling one of the standard drying programs from the memory or previously stored by the user, HELIOS 2 is able to conduct the drying cycle in a totally automatic way.


The HELIOS 2 controller groups together the control panel and the amplifiers for the signals detected by the wood probes within a single sealed container (IP65).
It must therefore be positioned near the cell, an operation made easier by the extended temperature range in which it can work.

  • Temperature measurement: 0-110ºC

  • (resolution  0-99°C: 0,1ºC / >100°C: 0,5°C)

  • Equilibrium moisture measurement (EMC): 4-30% @ 25ºC (res. 0,1%)

  • Timber moisture measurement: 6-90% @25ºC (res. 0,1%)

  • Power supply: 85-265Vac 50/60Hz

  • Keyboard with touch tecnology. 

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