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LG55 is a KilnBus / Modbus compatible, device able to read up to 8 temperature sensors (NTC or PT1000) 


Thanks to its RS485 interface, LG55 can be connected to a PC running a WoodWizard2 program, in stand-alone configuration or together with other devices (kiln controllers or other devices).


It is particularly suitable where several sensors are required, for example for temperature monitoring in HT treatment cycles requested for phytosanitary measures, or for monitoring several other parameters of kiln dryers (such as additional temperature or RH measurement points, air flow, energy consumption and so on).



The collected data, that can be saved and recalled from archives, are available in table form (to be exported in other programs for analysis) or in graphic format.


The graphic representation (with zoom) may be printed to generate reports especially useful to be displayed as proof in case of HT treatments.

LG55 can be supplied with external accessories to make easier the connection of the sensors (box with plugs).

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