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The most convenient solution for the complete management of your vacuum dryer.



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As part of "touch" series, VacuTOUCH uses a special multifunction sensor (LG35 - Wood moisture, Relative humidity, Air/wood/plate temperature and absolute pressure) for control for vacuum kiln dryers.

The control system takes care of the whole machine management and is highly configurable, to adapt to single and double chamber systems, with or without condensate collection tank, with or without humidification/dehumidification systems, with a discontinuous vacuum or with heating plates.

In discontinuous vacuum systems, the transition between continuous and discontinuous operation can be autonomously decided by the controller based on the measurements taken.

The adjustment is carried out by automatically varying the drying conditions (climate, pressure) according to the drying process, while maintaining the possibility of inserting timed phases where required.

All devices can be controlled automatically or manually, by simply pressing the relative symbol on the synoptic.

Similarly, each adjustment parameter can be calculated automatically based on the program entered, or it can be set manually immediately, by simply pressing the displayed value.

As an option, the system can be equipped with wireless wood humidity / temperature sensors, particularly suitable for kilns with trolley loading, where the use of connection cables for the probes could be inconvenient.


Firmware specifications

  • Adjustable for plates heating or discontinuous vacuum

  • Automatic / manual management of discontinuous vacuum

  • Dehumidification system management

  • Humidification system management

  • Temporized drain tank emptying

  • Management of single or double chamber kilns

  • Ready for wireless timber temperature and moisture sensors

  • Drying programs settable on basis of timber moisture or time

  • Up to 30 phases for each drying program

The system is highly configurable

on customer specification.

The basic specifications of the standard version are:


  • External alarm

  • Water level too high

  • 2 auxiliary inputs

Command outputs​

  • Vacuum Pump

  • Air inlet valve

  • Fans (including rotation direction and 0-10V output for speed regulation)

  • Sprayers

  • Heating (open / close relays + 0-10V output for proportional drive)

  • Dehumidification

  • Humidification

  • Drain tank

  • Alarm signal / Heating pump

  • 1 x auxiliary relay output

  • 1 x auxiliary 0-10V output


  • 1 x Air Moisture / EMC

  • 1 x Absolute pressure

  • 1 x Air Temperature

  • 1 (2) x Timber temperature

  • 1 (0) x Plates temperature

  • 4 x Timber moisture


  • Ready for connection to a remote supervision / control PC via xVIEW software

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