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MoisTest 20

Contact meter

Perfect for measuring moisture on flat and regular surface.

Minimum surface:


Resistant body

Measurement depth:

15-25mm core 

8-15mm surface

Intuitive interface

60h battery life

1,8" LCD Display


Panoramica MT20
MT20 in azione.jpg


MT20 Dual Deep allows moisture measurement in wood; the indication given represents the average percentage of water content referred to as the dry weight of the material.


The measurement is based on the dielectric constant of the object under examination, which is characteristic of each material and influenced by the presence of water molecules.

This type of measurement allows a quick assessment of the moisture content of the material without damaging it.

MT20 can measure moisture on the surface (8-15 mm) or deeper (15-25 mm).

See them in action

  • Wood humidity measurement range: 2-99.9%
    (<4 and >30% indicative) 0.1% resolution

  • Depth measurement: Depth sensor 15-25 mm Surface sensor 8-15 mm

  • Minimum wood size: 100x50x8 mm

  • Wood groups: 12 (150-1250 kg/m3)

  • Over 400 species included

  • Temperature measurement range:
    -10/+50°C (ris.0,1°C)
    -40/+125°C (ris.0,1°C) – optional sensor

  • RH humidity measurement range: 0-99.9% (ris.0,1°C)  EMC: 0-30% (optional sensor)

  • Memory Hold function: 99 acquisitions downloadable to PC (.csv file format) via USB cable (type 2 to Mini-b 5pin - not supplied)

  • Programmable alarms: Min / Max humidity values

  • Auto-off: selectable 1-10 min

  • Operating temperature: -10/+50°C

  • Operating humidity: <90% - non-condensing

  • Power supply: 3 x AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries

  • Consumption: ON: 70mW – StandBy: 3.6uW

  • IP degree of protection: IP40

  • Dimensions: 119x65x27mm

  • Weight: 145gr

  • Optional: RH/EMC/T sensor (code: C002836)



UR/T sensor - C002836

The Relative Humidity / Temperature sensor allows you to use your MoisTest or MoisTrue meter for measuring ambient humidity.

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