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Predecessor of HumiControl, EnviSurv is a PC software that allows you to monitor the moisture of the structure

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EnviSurv is the new environmental surveillance system developed by Logica H&S.
Thanks to over 20 years of experience in timber measuring and drying, the system is particularly suitable for the surveillance of wooden structures, wood art crafts and wood stocks, in addition, of course, to all the traditional domotics applications.

The system consists of a PC software, a series of sensors distributed around the area to be monitored, and some actuators which can be automatically driven by EnviSurv when a pre settable condition is detected.

In addition to the classical air temperature and humidity sensors, among the available sensors there are also devices able to measure the moisture content of the wood at different deeps, which can be interfaced to the system through a wired or a wireless connection.


It is then easy to create a system in a fast and not intrusive way, where all the critical parameters for the wood conservation are kept under surveillance, and where EnviSurv takes care automatically to solve possible problems, acting directly on the climate regulation.

In addition, any detected problem can be automatically signaled in real time to the operator through an email message. The sensors are suitable to work in harsh environment, being them developed to be used inside the timber kiln dryers. The wireless sensors can be installed in seconds and, thanks to the absence of connecting cables, they assure a minimum aesthetic impact, so they can be freely used in spaces where the look of the system is a priority.
EnviSurv can be easily set up and customized also directly by the user, thanks to the exhaustive user's manual and to its friendly user's interface.
An addicted utility is used to place the sensors readouts over a layout customized for the specific application, according to their real position in the field, for an immediate identification at a glance of the critical points. 

For mobile installations it is also possible to define several layouts and sensors positions (projects), which can be reloaded each time they are needed again.

The software records the measures at settable intervals and creates automatically daily, weekly or monthly archives. The recorded data can be displayed as a list of measures as well as a graph for an easier evaluation of the trends.


Sensors available


  • Air humidity

  • Air temperature

  • Solid/fluid temperature

  • Absolute air pressure

  • Moisture of wood / building materials


  • Air humidity

  • Air / wood temperature

  • Solid/fluid temperature

  • Absolute air pressure

  • Moisture of wood / building materials

System requirements

PC with OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or newer

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