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LITouch is the natural evolution of the well-known DELPHI control system, born from the fusion of the most advanced dTOUCH system with the characteristics of the DELPHI system.


The result is a control system that combines the simplicity of Delphi with the convenience of using the dTOUCH color touch screen interface.


This system is aimed specifically at all those who are looking for a simple and complete control system, who intend to use to perform their own drying programs in particular, and who therefore do not need aids for the automatic realization of the same and / or dTOUCH's extensive wood species database.


With LiTOUCH it is possible to define even complex drying cycles, consisting of up to 30 phases.

The adjustment methods (climate management priority, end of phase conditions) can be set for each phase, as well as the way of managing the actuators and the way of calculating the wood moisture.

  • The system is supplied complete with over 80 pre-set basic programs; there is also the possibility to store up to 20 user programs. LITouch is compatible with all Logica H&S measuring devices, including digital and wireless EMC sensors. The number of connectable sensors can be configured to adapt the system to the most diverse needs and to any type of kiln.

  • The LiTOUCH controllers can be connected to a remote PC via a network for supervision through a dedicated version of the dVIEW software, which also offers various additional functions such as creating archives, graphics, ISPM15 reports, alarm reporting etc.

  • For cases where these additional functions are not necessary, a free software application is also available, capable of guaranteeing only remote control, using a PC as a concentrator, with no other additional costs apart from a cheap USB485 interface for the PC.

Standard inputs/outputs

  • Relay and analogue outputs for shutters, fans, heating . 

  • Relay outputs for Sprayers, Alarm

  • Additional 2 configurable outputs for heating pump, extractor etc.

  • Inputs for damper return, heating valve, fan failure, external alarm.


Connectable sensors

  • LG54 (2EMC, 2 Temperatures, 8 Wood probes)

  • LG35 (1EMC or digital EMC, 2 NTC temperatures, 4 wood probes)

  • LG30 (8 Wood Temperatures)

  • LG34 (wireless sensor receiver) (up to 2 Temperatures / Air humidity and 8 (core) + 8 (surface) wood moisture)

xTOUCH - back panel

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Software, Manuals, etc.

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