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Control system specifically designed for rapid drying of firewood.


Drying Control



LG38-FW is a control system for kiln dryers, expressly designed for the fast drying of firewood, characterized by an excellent price / performance ratio.

Available in versions with and without wood moisture measurement, it is characterized by different control strategies that can be selected by the user, to cover all drying needs.

It is supplied complete with an RH / T sensor for measuring the climate in the cell and, as an option, with 4 sensors for wood moisture (C002998 version only). Supplied in a practical enclosure suitable for panel mounting (DIN), it is the simplest and more affordable solution to control the kiln dryer and monitor the progress of  the drying cycles.


Technical specifications


  • Working temperature (instrument): -10 + 50 ° C

  • Working temperature (dryer): 0-105 ° C

  • Temperature probe: Digital: -40¸120 ° C (± 0.3 ° C)

  • Wood moisture measurement: 8.0 ¸ 90.0% @ 25 ° C (resolution 0.1%)

  • Air humidity measurement method: Digital: 0¸100% RH (1% resolution)

  • Power supply: 110-230Vac 50 / 60Hz ± 20% - 15W

Suggested where:

  • An affordable fully automatic control system is required to dry firewood.

  • The controller can be installed near the drying kiln


  • 1 Air humidity / temperature probe

  • 4 Wood moisture probes (version C002998 only)


  • 5 relays (Fans, Reversal fans, Heating, Sprayers, Flaps)

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