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Customer Assistance

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Before proceeding to request assistance, we remind you that you can find in-depth information about our products in the user manuals included in the package.


If you have a question, we invite you to ask it in the Forum , we will be happy to answer you and maybe this will help someone else too!


In addition, videos presenting our products, unboxing and tips for use are available on our Youtube Channel!

Technical assistance request

Remote support via TeamViewer

PERMANENT assistance

Support through UltraVNC

This program does not require any installation and does not use the registry. It is a remote control software which is used to manage a computer remotely. By running this program on your computer, you allow the  Logica H&S Assistance Service to receive an image of your screen and to send keyboard and mouse inputs in order to provide immediate assistance.


1) Call the assistance service (+39 0432 675602)   BEFORE connecting
2) Click on the following link:


3)  Wait a few seconds until the connection starts


To end the connection at any time, click with the right mouse button on the "Logic" icon at the bottom right of the taskbar (notification area) and select the "Close" item.

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