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MoisTrue is a pin-type moisture meter that calculates the moisture content of materials by measuring the electrical resistance through two electrodes that must be driven into the material.


The instrument can be used to measure the moisture content in different materials (wood, building materials, leather).

It is particularly suitable for measuring the humidity of wood, even if not perfectly dried/seasoned, allowing to also detect the distribution of humidity through the material using special electrodes with insulated stems

How does it work?

The measurement is performed using an alternating current, ensuring optimal stability even in the case of high humidity content.

The compensation method for the different timber species can be chosen from the traditional 4-group classification or the AS / NZS 1080.1: 2012 standard, which includes over 400 individually listed and classified wood species.

The indication of the humidity of the wood is automatically compensated on the basis of the temperature of the wood, which can be set manually by the operator (useful when measuring the wood that has just left the dryer) or measured by the instrument from its internal sensor or from the sensor UR/T external (optional).

See them in action

Available versions


Version /T - C002873

The equipment in the /T version includes a plastic electrode holder accessory (Plastic Handle) for surface measurement using conductive rubber electrodes or very thin nails.

  • Recommended measuring range (wood): 8-40%

  • Classification based on wood groups: 4

  • Classification based on wood species: 480

  • Building material groups: 7

  • Leather groups: 2

  • Internal temperature indication: -10 / 50 ° C

  • USB interface

  • Bluetooth interface

  • Power battery: 3 AAA batteries

  • Autonomy: about 35 hours.

  • Case dimensions: 32.5 x 26 x 8 cm

  • Case weight (/T- /M- /TM): 1.3 - 3.0 - 3.5 kg

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Monitoring and archiving the moisture of timber and building materials has never been easier!

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