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A special, easy to position, anemometer, expressly developed to measure the air flow inside the kiln.



WinDisk is the new wireless anemometer (*) specially developed for use in kiln dryers.

Thanks to its compact size and the thin section, WinDisk can be easily positioned between the timbers left to dry.

Its circular shape reduces the turbulence created by itself. 


Thanks to LogicaH&S studies in the wind tunnel, a dedicated microprocessor compensates the residual turbulences with the aim to obtain a very accurate measurement exactly where is necessary: over the timber.

WinDisk is compatible with all other LogicaH&S sensors and can be used together with MoistureMouse and together (or alternatively) to LG36 box for measuring the climate inside the kiln.

* wired available (with only anemometer feature)

Technical specifications

CODE: C002237

  • Air speed measurement: 0,0 - 10,0 m/s res. 0,01 m/s

  • Temperature measurement: 0-85°C res. 0,1°C

  • Temperature accuracy: 0-40: ±0,5°C – 40-85: ±1,5°C

  • Humidity measurement: 0-100% res. 0,1%

  • Humidity accuracy: 10-90: ±2% - 0-10/90-100: ±4%

  • Temperature range: 0-85°C

  • Two colours nylon cord with fluorescent identification plate 

  • Dimensions: 130 x 125 x 18 mm

  • Power supply: Lithium interchangeable battery pack

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