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Turn your Pin-type meter into a monitoring tool for the your kiln dryer.



Paoramica LG47


LG47 is the simplest device to survey the moisture of the timber inside the kiln dryer.

The product is suitable either for conventional and for vacuum dryers.

It consists of two plastic boxes: one should be installed inside the kiln and is equipped with six pairs of sockets for timber moisture probes the other should be installed outside the kiln and includes a switch to select the probe to be measured and a socket to connect a standard handheld moisture meter.

The two boxes are connected by a special, high insulation cable.
The product can be also supplied complete with a climate sensor (Equilibrium Moisture, Relative Humidity and Temperature) compatible with LG43 moisture meter.


This version, in addition to provide the information about kiln climate, effects automatically the temperature compensation of the timber moisture.


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