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Why measure wood moisture in-line?

Knowing the moisture of the wood is a very important need in all phases of processing, from purchasing the sawn wood to painting. While in many circumstances a sample measurement is sufficient to guarantee the required quality of the finished product, there are situations in which a check of all the processed elements is crucial.
This is the case, for example, of elements that must be joined to create larger-sized products, such as solid wood planks, doors, laminated beams, etc. For these processes, an element with out-of-tolerance moisture within an assembly could lead to deformations of the finished product or even to weak or imperfect bonding. In these cases, manually checking all the elements would become particularly burdensome. For this reason, solutions have been designed that are capable of not only measuring, but also automatically selecting the material as it passes along the production line.

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How to measure it?

Similarly to what happens with portable instruments, various solutions can also be used in online measurement, including the pin-type method and the dielectric (contactless) method.

Pin-type method

The pin-type method involves the use of a piston (not supplied) to insert two electrodes into the material to be measured, which must be stopped for the time necessary for the measurement. This method is particularly suitable in cases where the material must still be stopped for processing (e.g. before a cutting machine) and the presence of measurement points is tolerable.
It is a simple and economical measurement system, which guarantees a measurement that is accurate and not dependent on the size or density of the material, like the measurements obtainable with portable pin-type meters.


It allows the measurement of moving material as it passes over the sensor, without damaging it in any way. It offers the advantage of much faster measurements over the entire length of the element without any damage.
On the other hand, it is a more expensive system; Furthermore, the measurement is influenced by the physical characteristics of the element, so different dimensions or densities of the material require carrying out a new calibration or recalling a previously carried out calibration from memory.

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