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LG35 is a complete measuring system for the timber moisture and the climate into the drying cell. It is available in three versions according to the preferred cell humidity measuring method:

  • by a cellulose plate (Equilibrium Moisture Content – LG35-EMC)

  • by an electronic Relative Humidity sensor (LG35-RH)

  • by psychrometric method (through two temperature probes - LG35-WDB)

All the versions can be equipped with an optional absolute pressure sensor, which makes them especially suitable for vacuum kilns applications.

The device has been developed to be installed inside the kiln, in order to transduce the signals directly from the source, reducing the effect of external interferences and making pointless the use of expensive high insulation cables for signal transmission.

The measured data are transferred in digital format through a standard RS485 line, using a KilnBus protocol (compatible with all the latest generation controllers) or ModBus protocol for using with compatible standard PLC systems.

LG35-WDB version is supplied complete with two temperature probes, for the wet and dry bulbs measurement. The bath for the wet bulb is not included.

An important feature of the LG35-RH device is the special solution for a fast replacement of the RH sensor, operation that can be easily performed by the end user and that restores the original performances of the device without any need of calibration.


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