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Phytosanitary heat treatment

Wooden packaging is held responsible for the serious infestations of forest parasites that have affected the United States, Canada, China and the European Union in recent years, leading to the adoption of severe and diversified control measures. With the aim of combating the spread on a planetary scale of organisms harmful to forests through wooden packaging and standardizing the measures adopted in the various countries, the FAO defined the guidelines for the disinfestation of packaging used in international trade. Among the different methods considered suitable for disinfestation, there is the possibility of subjecting the material for the realization of the packaging to an HT Thermal Treatment cycle.

Our treatment solutions

Logica H&S is able to provide various solutions to perform HT cycles. It starts with simple systems, without active controls on the kiln, able to measure temperatures and record the data and then represent them in graphical form, then arriving at completely automatic systems able to control the kiln and optimize the cycles, reducing execution times to a minimum. and consumption.


There are also automatic systems capable of conducting HT cycles and wood drying cycles.

Some of these systems are compatible with the Italian regulations for HT which provide, in addition to the classic measurements, the automatic verification of the reliability of the data determined by the probes through a reference thermometer and some special protections concerning the processing and data recording

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Measurement and certification systems

These systems, dedicated to users who have to perform HT cycles from time to time, do not allow direct control of the kiln dryer which must be operated manually or through external control systems. The user can then conduct heat treatment cycles through his own traditional kiln , personally setting the temperature and duration of the cycles so that the requirements of the regulations in force are met.


Since there are no direct controls, it will be the user's responsibility to follow the cycle phases until the message informing the correct execution of the cycle appears on the computer screen.

At this point, the user can turn off the kiln and print the report which will show all the details of the HT cycle.


SmartHT Basic

(not intended for the Italian market)

  • The SmartHT basic system, which can manage up to six wood temperature probes, is made up of the following elements:

  • SmartHT software

  • USB485 converter

  • LG55 data acquisition device

  • Wood / Air temperature probes

It is sufficient to install the SmartHT software on the PC and connect the LG55 data acquisition device to it via the USB485 interface to obtain a simple and effective system for measuring and certifying the HT cycle.


At the end of the treatment it is in fact possible, in accordance with local regulations, to print a detailed report containing information on the company that performed the HT cycle, on the type of wood treated and on the temperature trend with the specification of the times.

The two air temperature probes (dry / wet bulb) can be used to measure the temperature and moisture of the air (data required by regulations in some countries).

The SmartHT basic system can manage only one drying kiln.

To control several kiln dryers at the same time you will need WoodWizard2 software

Measurement, Control and Certification Systems



(not intended for the Italian market)

The system consists of the same elements as the SmartHT basic system with the addition of a power unit with relay outputs for kiln control:

  • SmartHT software

  • USB485 converter

  • LG30 data acquisition device

  • Wood / Air temperature probes

  • LG39 power unit

This configuration allows you to control the kiln automatically, consequently it is possible to conduct HT cycles based on the temperatures and times set by the user, optimizing times, costs and without the need for operator supervision.

Similarly to the SmartHT basic version, this system can manage only one drying oven.

Simple and effective installation

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