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Measure timber moisture, on surface and in the depth as well as the core temperature



moisture mouse


The MoistureMouse wireless transmitters have been entirely designed by LogicaH&S.


On basis of the experience acquired since 1991, our design department has developed and supervised all phases of the product, from the circuit board to the case, according to the requirements of the international standard ISO9001

This process has led to exclusive solutions such as:

  • "Easy click" system, allows to hook the transmitter to the electrodes in a simple action

  • The thin design of MoistureMouse, allows it to be positioned in the middle of the stacks (minimum height of the spacers: 20mm)

  • "Air" system, slots cut into the bottom of the transmitter to allow proper drying of the wood sample as the rest of timber

  • Replaceable battery power avoids the need to purchase a new MoistureMouse at the end of battery life

MoistureMouse transmitters can detect and transmit simultaneously the following data:

  • Inner moisture of the wood

  • Superficial moisture of the wood

  • Wood temperature

  • Battery status

MoistureMouse transmitters are supplied with the following configuration:

  • Assembled MoistureMouse transmitter with built-in battery

  • Two colours nylon cord with florescent identification plate

  • Stainless steel

  • Self-drilling electrodes kit


Technical specifications

CODE: C001630

  • Built-in sensors: 2 for Moisture wood (Inner and superficial) 1 for Temperature wood 1 for Battery status

  • Power supply: 1 Lithium interchangeable battery

  • Battery life: Up to 2 years in continuous use

  • Transmission distance: Approximately 50m in free space

  • Transmission period: Approx. 30"

  • Transmission indicator: red led

  • Setting: Device address 1÷32 Receiver address (kiln dryer) 1÷8

  • Temperature range: -20 ÷ 85°C

Possible settings

  • Device address: 1 - 32

  • Receiver address (kiln): 1 - 8

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