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Panel instrument for on-line
timber measurement


Panoramic LG38FX


LG38FX is an accessible solution for the automatic on-line measurement of wood moisture, able to create reports of the measured datas and to carry out the automatic selection of the material, discarding the elements out of tolerance.

It is particularly suitable for applications where a very high measurement speed is not required and the flow of wood can be stopped for a few seconds.

      It consists of a panel meter, a temperature sensor (for automatic compensation) of the measured values external electrodes to be applied on a piston (not included) for the insertion of the electrodes and a PC software.

The system must be applied on a mechanical device (not included) capable of stopping the flow of wood for the time necessary for the measurement, of driving the electrodes and signaling to LG38FX the moment in which the electrodes are in position.

     After the received consent, LG38FX measures the moisture of the sample as a string, transmits it to the string ASCII, so it activates (or not) the "out of tolerance"relay. The software on the PC displays the measured measurement and allows it to be saved on a data file that can be immediately exported in a format compatible with the most popular spreadsheets.


  • Power supply (230Vac)

  • 1 Probe to measure wood moisture

  • 1 Temperature probe

  • 1 Contact measurement valid


  • 1 RS485 serial output

  • 1 "out of tolerance moisture" relay

Technical specifications


  • Power supply: 230Vca 50 / 60Hz +/- 10%

  • Power consumption: 15W

  • Operating temperature: 0 / + 40 ° C [32/104 ° F]

  • Temperature measurement: 0-99 ° C [32/210 ° F]

  • Temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 °

  • Temperature probe: NTC thermistor (for wood moisture measurement compensation)

  • Wood moisture measurement: 8 - 90% @ 25 ° C (automatically compensated based on the measured temperature)

  • Measurement stabilization time: about 2"(*)

  • Relay contacts capacity: 250Vca - 5A

  • Internal protection fuse: 5x20mm 5A Fast

  • Instrument dimensions: 144 x 72 x 154 mm (WxHxD)


(*) The measurement time may vary according to the moisture value of the wood (the lower the moisture, the longer the stabilization time required) and the level of electrical / electrostatic interference present.

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