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DryElite Logica H&S

takes the concept of drying to a level never seen before

DryElite is the control system that carries the concept of drying into the cloud era. Born from the solid foundation of the dTOUCH system, it now offers a wide number of exclusive features that make it the new benchmark for the modern dryer.

The specially designed user interface has been developed to ensure the best user experience, taking care to hide behind an engaging and comforting ap- pearance an extensive list of advanced features in order to meet the various requirements of different types of systems and drying modes.



Drying can take place following optimized programs automatically generated by the system or settable by the user, programs that can be continuous cycle or with work break intervals depending on the wood species and the user’s priorities, so as to always ensure the best result in terms of quality, time and cost.



Accurate results are ensured by the extensive range of combinable sensors, wired or wireless, which can now also be used in combination with each other to provide maximum user convenience.

DryElite  - wood drying control system


Just like the external structure of DRYELITE, its interface has also been completely designed from scratch.

This has allowed us to obtain various improvements compared to the previous TOUCH series such as: 

-Modern and intuitive look, to allow anyone to use the product with a rapid learning curve

-Easily controllable and modifiable parameters

-Extended possibility of customization


The new bright 10.1" display makes DRYELITE usable in any situation.

The capacitive technology of the touchscreen combined with the new processor allows for speed of use and response time that are market references.

Touchscreen record


Of course, there is no shortage of advanced energy-saving features to optimize system consumption also according to the availability and timely cost of energy, features now facilitated by the direct Internet connection on the one hand and the native Modbus interface on the other, which allows easy interconnection of the system with any sensor using the same type of interface.


The ability to have online historical process data, also in graphical form, allows easy evaluations of cycle performance even from the edge of the machine, while the availability of all information on different platforms (local panel, PC, smartphone) always maintains the same format and simplifies the operator’s life, ensuring the same operation from wherever he is.


The dedicated app, (iOS/Android) and the direct connection of the control system to the internet, via a local network or Wi-Fi, limit the need for a local PC to only those cases where this is appropriate to manage the printing of reports or for archive management, while on all other occasions, the system can be managed autonomously.

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