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LG38 is an instrument developed to measure continuously the humidity of the timber and to control the climate inside the kiln.


It has 4 timber probes inputs whose readings are automatically compensated on basis of the timber temperature.

The climate of the cell is determined by means of two temperature probes (Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb); the WB probe must be wrapped with a cotton cloth, that must be maintained always wet (cloth and bath are not included in the supply).


The temperature difference among dry and wet probes, due to water evaporation, is directly related to the cell moisture content.

Suggested where:

  • A Wet /Dry bulb based kiln control system is preferred

  • The controller can be installed very close to the kiln

  • It is the cheapest semi automatic control system


LG38 is equipped with 5 relays to control the dampers, sprayers, heater and reversible fans. Supplied into a practical case suitable for panel mounting (DIN), it is the simplest and more affordable solution to control your kiln and survey the progress of the drying cycle.

Technical specifications

Code: C003008 

Code: C003010 (+ RS485) 

  • 4 timber probes inputs

  • 2 temperature probe input (Dry and Wet Bulb)

  • 5 relay outputs (Heater, Dampers, Sprayers, Fans Clock Wise and Counter Clock Wise)

  • Operative temperature range: -10 / + 50 °C

  • Power supply: 230Vca ±20% - 50/60Hz

  • Dimensions: 144(H)x72(L)x152(D) mm

  • Mounting hole: 134x66mm (depth: 145mm)

Standard equipment

  • 4 silicone insulated cables for timber moisture measurement (10m length)

  • 2 temperature probes (4m length)

  • Assortment of 30 electrodes in three different lengths (15, 25 and 40mm)

  • User's manual

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