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The SCADA software for Delphi, Helios and other measuring systems from Logica H&S

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WoodWizard2 is the new SCADA software from LogicaH&S. It manages the communication with every Logica kiln controller and whatever other device based on Kiln-Bus interface. Very useful for plants having several dryers, to control and survey in real-time all the kilns, it becomes necessary and must be used in conjunction with compatible controllers or acquisition boards when there is the need to produce HT treatment certificates.

In addition to the acquisition of the data of the process, including measured data, alarms occurred and user operations, WoodWizard2 can be used to set up, from a single place, all the kilns of the plant. The drying programs can be saved on disk to be used later or transferred on other controllers.

The plant surveillance can also be made from a remote PC connected to the local one through Internet or a direct telephonic line, using common utilities for the remote PC control. Based on Windows 7 or later.


The same PC running WoodWizard2 can be also used for common office needs: the software collects the data also while the main WoodWizard2 window is closed and, if an alarm condition is detected, automatically opens the main program window.

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