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In recent decades, thanks to increasingly innovative technologies, the use of wood in the building sector is spreading visibly. A material that is not only natural, sustainable and energy efficient but which, if properly treated, is also safe and durable over time.

Precisely in this regard, Logica H&S has developed HumiCONTROL, the special system for monitoring wooden structures.


Why structure monitoring is FUNDAMENTAL

Even with proper planning and execution, it is possible that water infiltrations, leaks from pipes, condensation and other unforeseen events can seriously damage a wooden structure, causing great inconvenience and high repair costs. For this reason, it is advantageous to carry out a continuous check in the most sensitive points of the building (e.g. earth connections, sealing of openings and crossings, etc.) also in consideration of the fact that, in the event of an unforeseen event, the intervention time it is an essential factor to prevent the rapid destruction of the wood or the spread of fungal spores dangerous to health. And this is precisely where the HumiCONTROL system comes into play. The continuous monitoring of surfaces, in fact, was created to prevent these problems, optimise maintenance interventions and increase the useful life and safety of buildings.

Tested and constantly evolving system

Used in the structure monitoring sector since 2011, the Logica H&S system received a new boost in 2016 thanks also to the collaboration, for the Italian market, with Conlegno and Assolegno. While boasting a long tradition, the system is constantly evolving: from the first installation, which only provided for the possibility of checking the measurements via a PC, we moved on to autonomous systems based on touch screens first, up to the current system, based on APP for smartphones thanks to which it is not only possible to check the status of a building remotely, but also to control various buildings (a useful function especially for construction companies) and be warned if even a single sensor should exceed the safety limits. In the meantime, the choice of usable sensors has also increased, now available in different configurations, both wired and wireless, to best cover any monitoring need, ensuring increasingly simple and non-invasive installations.

WHY choose HumiCONTROL?

HumiCONTROL by Logica H&S offers all the guarantees of a system tested over time, available in an unrivalled number of variants, constantly updated and supported by a company with over 30 years of experience in wood moisture measurement.

HOW does it work?

After positioning the sensors (wired or wireless) in the most critical points and after connecting them to LG59 (the IoT gateway that allows you to send the measurements taken to the cloud via a common wi-fi network), the condition of the structure can be easily monitored by the owner and/or by the assistance service directly on a smartphone or tablet.

On the app, it is possible to assign a unique and descriptive name to every single sensor, for its immediate location

If the set attention thresholds are exceeded, the user will receive a notification directly on the smartphone. At this point, by accessing the App, you can not only check the condition of the entire building but also check the moisture trend over time, thanks to the historical trend of the measurements (the system saves a year of measurements)

WHERE can it be used?

esempio_edificio singolo 4.png


The HumiCONTROL system has been specifically designed for the building industry (residential structures, swimming pools, museums, theatres, warehouses, sports facilities, etc.) but, thanks to the large variety of sensors available, it can also be used for moisture control in timber storage warehouses or for the surveillance of wooden artefacts of particular value (altars, paintings, etc.)

Official video:

Video ufficiale

How to install it?

Da cosa è composto?








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2- LG60-W/LG60-C

Wireless/wired version.

Measures and transmits wood and ambient moisture data.



1- Screw electrodes

Made of stainless steel and in different sizes, the electrodes enable moisture measurement in wood



4- LG59

IoT Gateway, sends acquired

data to the Cloud



3- LG34 Receiver

Receives and forwards data from nearby sensors.

*Wireless version only



The special App developed for monitoring wooden structures

Download it from your store


Connect and create desired zones


Always keep them under control...


...and check their progress


In case of problems it will notify you!

Possibili configurazioni

Possible configurations

1. For small buildings

The cheapest solution, suitable for buildings with surfaces up to 150-200 m².


​System type: Wired

Composed of:

  • 1 box with LG60 wired measuring system and 4 measuring points

  • 4 pairs of cables for connecting the control unit to the measuring electrodes (maximum length of the cables 13 m)

  • 24v power supply

  • LG59 gateway module

  • 8 electrodes (25 mm non-insulated electrodes)

  • HumiCONTROL app.

Discover all the components

Vedi tutti i componenti

The special App developed for

monitoring of wooden structures.

Elenco prodotti_HumiControl_LG60-W (NEW).jpg

Measures and transmits wood and ambient humidity data, Wireless version.

Elenco prodotti_HumiControl_LG34.jpg

Receives and forwards data from nearby sensors.

Elenco_LG36 BOX.jpg

LG36 wireless transmitter

Elenco prodotti_HumiControl_LG59 (NEW).jpg

IoT Gateway, takes care of sending data to the Cloud.

Elenco prodotti_HumiControl_LG60-C (NEW).jpg

Measures and transmits wood and ambient humidity data, wired version.

Elenco_Mouse interno.jpg

It measures wood moisture on the surface, in depth and also the core temperature.

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