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The company

Logica H&S is a company operating in the electronics sector, particularly in the field of process controls and detection and measurement devices for the industrial, civil and automotive sectors.

It was founded in Manzano (UD) on 15 May 1991 with the aim of offering a complete service with the support of design engineers with proven experience in various branches of industrial and civil electronics.

After an initial period dedicated only to developing custom products (on specification /exclusive use of the customer), the company began the development of its own products, concentrating its efforts in the electronics sector for wood treatment.

Currently, in 2023, Logica H&S boasts almost 40 products, divided into 7 different categories, to offer the best solution to any need in the wood drying and processing world.

The particular organizational structure of the company is made up of 12 people divided into a design and a production department assisted by selected contractors, all managed with a quality system certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

This allows extraordinary flexibility which translates into concrete advantages for the user:

Comparison-proof assistance, both for the installation and for the use of the equipment, thanks to the technical office that is always available

Wide range of product customization options based on customer specifications

Product quality guaranteed by strict tests on 100% of the production

• Low costs thanks to careful optimization of company resources and products

• Scrupulous attention to the quality of the service offered, from the first contact to after-sales assistance

The Organization

All these characteristics have made Logica H&S, from 1991 to today, a consolidated and appreciated reality all over the world in the drying control and moisture measurement sector.

Our mission

Our mission


In Logica H&S we are aware that every profession is growing day by day in complexity.
For this reason, from 1991 to today, our goal is to create increasingly reliable and advanced electronic products, which support the user without forcing him to acquire specific experiences in other sectors.

Our worldwide marketed Wood Drying Control Systems and Wood Moisture Measuring Instruments (and other materials) reflect this philosophy, hiding sophisticated functions behind refined aspects and simplified user interfaces.

In particular, we offer our customers:

  • High quality products with advanced and expandable features equipped with simple and intuitive interfaces, to satisfy all types of users.

  • A TWO year warranty on our products.

  • A solid after-sales service with direct and immediate connection with the technical office (telephone/e-mail / remote connection).

  • Availability of all the necessary spare parts, from the single screw to the most complex electronic board (all our products, strictly MADE IN ITALY, are developed and produced internally, therefore our assistance laboratory is able to intervene directly and in a very short time).

Good work with Logica H&S products!



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Logica H&S, despite not having obligations to do so,

has strongly wanted and achieved the objective of

ISO 9001 certification in 2001 and since that time, it has regularly passed all the annual inspections planned by the certification company.


The company, which since 1991 has always hired a customer-oriented attitude, is certified to guarantee constant quality of its products and services to its customers. 


A Logica H&S customer can rely on:

  • mature and consolidated structure supported by a trained, close-knit and motivated staff

  • always tested and proven products according to strict internal written and verified procedures

  • every phase and every process of corporate life is subjected to strict control and to careful verification so that the declared quality is in fact the same perceived by the customer

  • providers carefully selected by Logica H&S

  • reactive assistance service, structured to always ensure the maximum efficiency and shorter waiting time possible​

Logica H&S is currently certified according to the norm UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 from DASA-RAGISTER, known body accredited by ACCREDIA for the certification of company management systems for quality.

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ISO 9001 Certification

Sport / Social


Logica H&S is not only passion for the design and manufacture of its products. It also means passion for Sport, especially for those where teamwork is fundamental.

Logica H&S strongly believes in these values, for this reason, since 2011 it has sponsored the Pedale Manzanese, an amateur sports association focused on introducing young people to sports (children and teenagers aged 6 to 16).

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