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MoistLINE_Logica H&S

The new in-line meter by Logica H&S:
smart design, advanced functions and user-friendly interface.

Available from late 2023

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MoistLINE is a moisture meter for semi-finished products specifically designed to be placed astride a conveyor belt for in-line measurement of the moisture content of wood, without the need to stop its movement.
In addition to the sensor to be placed on the conveyor belt, the system includes an operator panel, normally installed on a pedestal-equipped panelboard, for easy positioning near the operator.

The panel also includes the power and the output unit for material selection. For maximum flexibility of use, if preferred, the unit with the outputs can also be installed separately, close to the actuators.

Che cos'è?
Perchè MoistLine?


With MoistLINE it is possible easily eliminate all manufacturing defects caused by the coupling of elements with too different moisture contents.

You can also set 4 humidity thresholds (too wet, wet, dry, too dry) according to which the system will automatically categorize each element in transit under the sensor. Thanks to the outputs available for each humidity band, it is also possible to automatically carry out the selection of the material, the marking or the deviation elements out of tolerance.

Pannello di controllo


On the display, in addition to the last measurement, statistics are always available in real-time with the classification by humidity ranges of all the pieces of the lot, very useful for establishing at a glance the level of uniformity of the material being processed and therefore the quality of the supply chain. From the touch screen panel it is also possible to carry out the first calibration operations with a wizard, as well as quickly recall the measurement presets previously performed.


A unique feature of MoistLINE is the ability to dynamically adapt the height of the sensor to the thickness of the material to be measured, thus ensuring that the most optimized measurement is always obtained with a single instrument.

Altezza dinamica


Thanks to the Ethernet connection, MoistLINE makes available all the data collected for each work session grouped in convenient database archives. Through the same remote connection is also possible monitor progress in real time of the process or make updates of the measurement system.

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