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Logica H&S is not only passion for the design and manifacture of its products but it is also passion for sport, especially for those in which teamwork is essential.

​Sport is effort, commitment, passion, dedication and helps to increase personal virtues such as balance, courage and respect for others. In work, in sport and in life it is useful to create cohesive groups that work together with tenacity and seriousness to achieve results.

Logica H&S strongly believes in these values, for this reason since 2011 it sponsors the Pedale Manzanese, an amateur sports association focused on introducing young people to sport (children and teenagers from 6 to 16 years of age).

2022 recap and 2023
season team presentation

In the presence of Mayor Furlani, Councilor Stacco and FCI Councilor Cainero, the Pedale Manzanese teams for 2023 were presented on Saturday 18 March. After the satisfactory 2022 season which, in addition to the two jerseys of provincial road champions, found in cyclocross its maximum expression (2 regional jerseys, 1 Triveneta and 1 Tricolore), the Pedale Manzanese gets off to a great start by deploying 35 young athletes in its ranks: 10 Esordienti, 11 Allievi (including a 3rd Year). and 14 Giovanissimi, a number destined to increase during the season.

Tomorrow the first 2023 road race for our Allievi and Esordienti categories. Best wishes to Athletes, Coaches and Companions for a season full of satisfactions!

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