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Optional connector

Expand the functionality of your Moisture Mouse

connettore opzionale


This accessory is useful when you are forced to work in particularly small spaces such as not to allow the direct use of the Moisture Mouse (for example when the space between the wood placed to dry is less than 20mm).

The use is simple and immediate: just insert the electrodes into the wood, insert the two bananas placed at the end of the silicone cable of the optional connector in the electrodes and hook the latter to the three blades placed in the lower part of the Moisture Mouse.


The standard length of the silicone cable is 1m.


(different lengths are available on request)

connettore opzionale.png

The box contains:

  • 1 connector with silicone cable and two assembled bananas

  • 6 stainless steel screw electrodes (2 height 15mm + 2 height 25mm + 2 height 40mm)

  • Instruction sheet

CODE: C002199

Connettore opzionale_3.png

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