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Measuring the climate in the kiln is now

simple like hanging a picture.

box rht


The LG36-Box RH/T transmitters, designed for wall mounting, are equipped with a digital sensor that does not require any calibration and is easily replaceable by the user.


This sensor determines the temperature and relative humidity of the air allowing the calculation of the EMC.


The complete autonomy from the point of view of the power supply allows easy positioning of the transmitter in any point of the oven.

The Wireless Box RH/T can measure and transmit the following data:

  • Relative Humidity (RH%)

  • Air temperature

  • Equilibrium moisture content (EMC)

  • Battery status

Technical specifications

  • Built-in sensors: 1 for RH / Temperature sensor 1 for air temperature

  • Power supply: 3 for Lithium interchangeable battery

  • Transmission distance: Approximately 50m in free space

  • Transmission period: Approx. 15"

  • Transmission indicator: Internal red led

  • Setting: Device address 1÷32 Receiver address (kiln dryer) 1÷8

  • Temperature range: -20 ÷ 85°C



Optional connector

It attaches to Moisture Mouse sensors and allows you to connect them to traditional oven electrodes via cable. Useful for leaving the sensor outside the stack in case there is not enough space 

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