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General sales conditions

Last update: December 2023


These Conditions of Sale refer to the purchase of Logica H&S brand products made by a customer (“you”, “you”, “you”) on our website (“Website”). The purchase and use of Logica H&S Products is also governed by the following Logica H&S documents: Conditions of use and License and warranty agreement. When you place an order with us, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Sale and the Terms of Use and the License and Warranty Agreement. The use of third-party Products may be subject to any conditions established for them. We recommend that you carefully read the conditions provided by these third parties before purchasing, using or activating their products on a Logica H&S Product and/or using them together with Logica H&S Products.
Logica H&S reserves the right to modify the Conditions of Sale at any time. After the changes come into force, the new Conditions of Sale will be valid for all offers and orders.


The Customer is required to carefully read these General Conditions before submitting their purchase order. Placing the order according to the methods established in these General Conditions implies full knowledge and express acceptance of both the aforementioned General Conditions and what is indicated in the online Order Form. The Customer is required, once the online purchase procedure has been completed, to print and keep these General Conditions and the relevant Order Form, which have already been viewed and accepted. These General Conditions constitute an integral part of any purchase order and sales contract for the Products marketed by Bricofer on its Site (as defined below), in force on the date of the relevant order.


The following are the terms and conditions of sale (“Conditions of Sale”) of Logica H&S SRL, with registered office in Pavia di Udine (UD) 33050, Via Jacopo Stellini 10, Italy.


You can order the Products on the Website. By clicking “Buy Now”, you submit a binding offer to purchase the Products displayed on the purchase page.

After a few minutes we will send you an order confirmation email. The confirmation email indicates that we have received your order, but does not yet constitute our acceptance of your purchase offer. Once we have processed your order and arranged shipping, we will send you an email to confirm that we have accepted your order. Acceptance of the order by us will take place when we send you the invoice via e-mail or when we confirm the shipment of the order. At that time a contract is deemed to have been formed between us and you. We will provide you with further information on delivery in the email. At the same time, the email constitutes our acceptance, on behalf of Logica H&S, of your commitment to be bound by the following documents: Terms of Use and License and Warranty Agreement.

Acceptance or rejection of your order is at our sole discretion. We want to make sure that the Products you order are available. For this reason we accept the order only once the Product is ready to be shipped. For available Products it usually takes no more than 24 hours. If the Product is out of stock, you will receive the order acceptance email as soon as the Product is available and ready for shipment. If we are unable to accept your order, we will notify you without charging you for the product(s).


For each item on the Logica H&S website, real-time availability is indicated:
Product "Available" means that it is immediately available in our warehouse, the availability indicated refers to a single piece, to purchase more pieces the necessary quantity must be placed in the cart and then checked for actual availability in the cart.
Products marked "Pre-Order" are items that can be purchased but are not available for immediate delivery. By purchasing a product with this wording, the customer is aware of purchasing an unavailable item and is therefore expected to wait for the order to be processed (it can be 3-7 days but also 15-30 depending on the supply times of the specific item). supplier). There is also the possibility that for these items the supplier also does not have availability: the customer will be notified promptly so that he can decide whether to wait longer or cancel the item or order.
Product "Out of stock" indicates items that are currently unavailable. If you are interested in purchasing, it is advisable to click the "Notify me when available" button to request re-stock and ensure priority and notification as soon as the product is available again.

We inform you that there may be an error in the warehouse (and therefore in actual availability) which could lead to delays: in this case an email will be sent indicating the expected times for the arrival of the missing material.
The customer has the right to change or cancel the order at any time by contacting us via email.


The products are sold directly by Logica H&S, as represented above, to the user of the Site (hereinafter "Customer"). For any information request, you can contact our customer service by email at the following address:
These General Conditions govern the offer, forwarding and acceptance of purchase orders for Products on the Site and do not, however, govern the supply of services or possibly the sale of products by parties other than Logica H&S who are present on the Site via links, banners or other hyperlinks. Before placing orders and purchasing products and services from parties other than Logica H&S, we suggest checking their conditions of sale, because Logica H&S is not responsible for the provision of services by third parties other than those.
The products are sold to the Customer identified by means of the data entered when completing and sending the Order Form in electronic format with simultaneous acceptance of these General Conditions.
The products on the Site are aimed at adult customers. By placing an order through this Site, the Customer declares to be at least 18 (eighteen) years old and to have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.
The Customer is prohibited from entering false, and/or invented, and/or imaginary names in the online order procedure and in further communications. Logica H&S reserves the right to legally prosecute any violation and abuse, in the interest and protection of all consumers.
Furthermore, by accepting these General Conditions, the Customer exempts Logica H&S from any liability deriving from the issuing of incorrect tax documents due to errors relating to the data provided when completing the online Order Form, the Customer himself being solely responsible their correct insertion.


By online sales contract we mean the distance contract concerning the sale of Products stipulated between the Customer and Logica H&S, via the Site, as part of an electronic commerce service organized by Logica H&S which, for this purpose, employs the remote communication technology called the Internet.
To conclude the purchase contract for one or more Products, it is necessary to complete the Order Form in electronic format (hereinafter "Order") and send it to Logica H&S via the Internet following the relevant instructions.
The Order contains: a reference to the General Conditions of Sale; information and/or images of each Product and its price; the payment methods available to the Customer; the methods and terms of delivery of the products and the related shipping costs;
The photographic representation of the products on the Site has the sole purpose of presenting them to the Customer for sale, without any guarantee or commitment on the part of Logica H&S regarding the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the Site with the actual product; and this, with particular regard to its actual dimensions, accessories and/or the chromatic aspects of the products and/or packaging.
Before concluding the contract, the Customer will be asked to confirm that he has read the General Conditions including the Information on the right of withdrawal and the processing of personal data (Privacy Policy).
The contract is concluded when Logica H&S receives the Order Form via the Internet, after verifying the correctness of the data relating to the order itself. Logica H&S reserves the right to refuse the Order Form even in the case of incorrect indication of the price. In particular, if the price indicated on the site is lower than the correct selling price of a product, Logica H&S will contact the Customer to verify whether he still wishes to purchase the product at the correct price; otherwise the Order cannot be accepted
Once the contract is concluded, Logica H&S will take charge of the Order for its fulfillment.


By transmitting the Order via the Internet, the Customer accepts and undertakes to observe these General Conditions in relations with Logica H&S.
Once the contract is concluded, Logica H&S will send an Order Confirmation by email, containing a summary of the information already contained in the Order described in the previous paragraphs.
Before sending the Order Confirmation, Logica H&S remains entitled to request further additional information from the Customer in relation to the Order sent. If the Customer fails to provide the additional information requested, Logica H&S reserves the right not to accept the order sent.
Logica H&S may not process orders that do not provide sufficient guarantees of solvency or that are incomplete or incorrect or in the event of unavailability of the Products. In these cases, it will inform the Customer, via email, that the contract is not concluded and that Logica H&S has not followed up on the Order, specifying the reasons. In this case the amount charged to the customer will be refunded.
If the products presented on the site are no longer available or on sale after sending the Order, Logica H&S will promptly communicate any unavailability of the Products ordered. In this case, the amount charged to the Customer will be refunded by bank transfer to the current account indicated by the Customer or via the method selected for payment.
Each sale made by Logica H&S through the online sales service may concern one or more products, with no quantity limit for each item.
Logica H&S reserves the right to refuse orders from a Customer with whom there is an ongoing legal dispute relating to a previous order. This applies equally to all cases in which Logica H&S deems the Customer unsuitable, including, by way of example, the case of previous violations of contract conditions for online purchases on the Site or for any other legitimate reason, especially if the customer has been involved in fraudulent activities of any kind.


Unless otherwise indicated in writing, all prices of the Products and shipping and delivery costs indicated on the Site and in the Order are to be considered exclusive of VAT and expressed in Euros. The validity of the prices indicated is always and only that indicated by the Site at the time the Order is transmitted via the Internet. The prices of the Products and shipping and delivery costs may vary without notice. The Customer is required to ascertain the final sales price before submitting the relevant Order.
All Products are shipped directly from Italy. The prices of the Products and the shipping and delivery costs indicated on the Site and in the Order, unless otherwise specified, are to be considered not inclusive of any costs connected to customs duties and related taxes if the shipment takes place in non-EU countries or in countries where current legislation provides for import charges. These costs are therefore borne by the Customer and must be paid directly upon delivery of the Products, according to the instructions specified in the Order Confirmation.
The prices of the Products indicated on the Website are expressed in the applicable currency and may sometimes vary.
​There are many Products on the Website, it is therefore possible that, despite reasonable precautions taken, the prices of some Products on the Website are incorrect. In the event of an error in the price of the Products, Logica H&S undertakes to inform the Customer, leaving freedom of choice whether to continue with the purchase of the Product at the correct price or cancel the order. Logica H&S will not process the order until it receives instructions in this regard from the Customer. If it is not possible to contact the Customer using the contact details provided during the execution of the order, it will be considered canceled and the Customer will be notified with a written communication.


Each payment by the Customer can take place exclusively according to one of the methods indicated in the Order Form and which are summarized in the following articles.
Credit cards and prepaid cards.
Logica H&S accepts payments made with the following credit cards and prepaid cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, ChinaUnionPay, Jcb, Diners, CartesBancaires, Discover, Electron, Maestro, without applying any additional charge to the price of the Product or shipping . It is understood that the Customer must be the holder of a valid credit card at the time of purchase and that the name shown on the credit card must be the same as that indicated on the billing information. In the absence of these conditions it will not be possible to proceed with the Order and the consequent purchase of the selected product.
At the time of online purchase, together with the Order Confirmation, the relevant banking institution will charge the amount relating to the order to the Customer's credit card.
Once the order has been processed (therefore after having appointed the Courier for shipping), if the Consumer intends to exercise the Right of Withdrawal, Logica H&S will instruct the relevant banking institution to credit the amount to be refunded via bank transfer on the current account indicated by the Customer.
If the Customer has a Paypal account (can be created from the website, Logica H&S provides him with the possibility of making all payments directly using the credentials to access the site.
Apple Pay
If the Customer has an Apple Pay account (can be created from the Apple platforms), Logica H&S provides him with the possibility of making all payments directly using the site.
Google Pay
If the Customer has a Google Pay account (can be created from the Google platforms), Logica H&S provides him with the possibility of making all payments directly using the site.
Bank transfer
Logica H&S accepts payments made by bank transfer to be paid to the IBAN IT93X0623063930000015029664 in the name of LOGICA H & S SRL and indicated in the order confirmation email. The reason to be included in the payment made by bank transfer must indicate the following wording "ECOMMERCE ORDER PAYMENT + order number as better specified in the confirmation email.
Payment must be made by the Customer no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the order confirmation email. Once this deadline for making payment has elapsed, Logica H&S will be authorized to cancel the order submitted by the Customer.
In any case, the shipment of the products will take place exclusively following the correct crediting of the entire agreed amount.


Each shipment contains:

  • the products ordered;

  • the relevant transport document/accompanying invoice/receipt;

  • any documentation required based on the country of shipment;

  • any information and marketing material.

The delivery of the Products purchased through the Site is carried out at the Customer's home by the date communicated through the tracking code provided by the courier.
Delivery to the customer's home
The purchased products will be delivered by the courier identified by Logica H&S to the shipping address indicated by the Customer on the Order.
Unless otherwise explicitly indicated, delivery is at street level. Upon receipt of the goods at the address indicated during the purchase phase, the Customer is required to verify:

  • the integrity of the delivered packages, packaging and closing materials;

  • the correspondence of the number of packages delivered to what is indicated in the transport document.

In case of anomalies, the Customer must immediately contest them by adding the wording "Accepted with reserve" on the courier's delivery receipt. Otherwise, the possibility of raising any dispute will lapse.

  1. If accepted, orders for "In Stock" products placed before 12:00 will generally be shipped the following business day. Logica H&S will send the shipping confirmation and a tracking number as soon as it has delivered the order to the courier.

  2. Ownership of the products included in the order is transferred to the Customer when the courier collects them from the Logica H&S warehouse. The risk linked to loss is therefore borne by the Customer (or by a third party designated by him) starting from the moment of delivery of the products.

  3. Generally, shipping times are as follows (as indicated on the purchase page): Italy: 1-3 working days (may vary for islands), Europe: approximately 3-7 working days, Non-EU countries: approximately 5 -15* working days

  4. Shipping is free for Italy for orders over €99. It is possible that the courier used by Logica H&S will send the Customer an email with further details on the delivery services, such as the possibility of choosing a specific delivery time. It is not a service offered by Logica H&S, but by the courier.

  5. We do not deliver to hotels, post office boxes or military addresses (e.g. BFPO addresses).

  • Promotional vouchers and/or discount codes are vouchers or codes that cannot be purchased, but which are issued by Logica H&S to offer a discount on the purchase of Products on the Website.

  • Promotional vouchers and/or discount codes are subject to applicable terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions before using them.

  • Unless otherwise stated in the applicable terms and conditions, the following conditions apply:

  1. they can only be used once and in conjunction with an order;

  2. they can only be used in the period indicated;

  3. it is not permitted to accumulate multiple promotional vouchers and/or discount codes;

  4. some Products may be excluded from the promotion and there may be a minimum order amount.

  • The value of promotional vouchers or discount codes will not be paid in cash nor will it accrue interest. Promotional vouchers and/or discount codes will not be returned with the withdrawal of all or part of the items ordered.

  • In the event of suspected fraud relating to promotional vouchers or discount codes, Logica H&S reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel the order.


Value added tax (“VAT”) will be charged in accordance with Italian regulations.
If you are a professional, you declare that the VAT number and other data you have provided to us are true, correct and updated. If the VAT number you provide is invalid or incompatible with your business details, or if the tax authorities believe it is not associated with the account holder, we reserve the right to add any VAT rates to the invoice do not charge.
If you are a professional, you declare that the VAT number and other data you have provided to us are true, correct and updated. If the VAT number you provide is invalid or incompatible with your business details, or if the tax authorities believe it is not associated with the account holder, we reserve the right to add any VAT rates to the invoice do not charge.


The personal data acquired by Logica H&S will be stored and processed in compliance with the relevant laws in force and consistently with what is set out in the Logica H&S Privacy Policy (available here). It is advisable to read it, as it contains important information about you.

  1. Logica H&S offers the Consumer a two-year commercial guarantee on all its products. The details and conditions of the warranty are set out in the following documents: Terms of Use and License and Warranty Agreement.

  2. If the Customer returns a defective product covered by the commercial warranty, Logica H&S may evaluate for repair or replacement, based on the extent of the problem and/or its repairability. The replacement product will in any case be shipped only after Logica H&S has received and examined the original product.

Diritto di recesso

The right of withdrawal is applicable only to online sales and for consumers resident in the European Union, the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom.
It is possible to return an item purchased on within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product without having to declare the reason.*
​*The Consumer Code reserves the right of withdrawal exclusively for Consumers (natural persons who purchase goods for purposes not related to their professional, commercial or entrepreneurial activity). The right of withdrawal therefore cannot be exercised by legal entities and natural persons acting for purposes relating to any professional activity carried out.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, simply send the communication stating that you wish to exercise this right before the withdrawal deadline. Return costs are to be paid by the Customer.​


Logica H&S SRL


Our registered office is as follows:
Via Jacopo Stellini 10
Pavia di Udine (UD)
33050 - ITALY

You can contact us at:
+39 0432 675602

VAT number and tax code: IT01730430301
R.D.C.I.I.A.A. -UD: 01730430301
REA: UD-191876

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