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SCADA software for all the Touch series of control systems, useful to control the kiln dryers from remote, create drying reports and send alarms





dVIEW is the remote control and supervision software dedicated to the dTOUCH series control systems.


Installed on a PC with Windows™ 7+ operating system, it allows you to manage all the kilns in the system from a single workstation (up to 32 in the standard configuration).


A distinctive feature of the dVIEW software is that it proposes to the operator exactly the same user interface available on the local kiln's control panel: in this way anyone who is able to operate on the panel is automatically able to use the software on PC and vice versa: learning times are halved and productivity increases.

From the PC software the operator can perform all the operations available from the local panel; moreover the PC software is able to record the drying data during the process, representing them in table or graph format.


The software is also able to produce reports to certify the HT treatment performed on packaging materials, according to the international rule ISPM15.


Using dVIEW makes it easy to obtain the complete control of the plant through Internet, simply installing on the same PC one of the several utilities available for desktop remote management.

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