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Measures and transmits wood and ambient humidity data



LG60 is a device that allows the detection of wood moisture and climate, specifically designed to facilitate easier installation within a residential context.

The product is available in two versions:

  • Wireless

  • Wired

With the wireless version you will no longer have to worry about meters and meters of power cables. A simple battery will take care of powering the board.
The wired version, on the other hand, is aimed at a more traditional user who prefers to install the product without having to worry about a possible battery replacement in the future.

Both versions can be equipped with an optional relative humidity and air temperature sensor.

Available versions


LG60 - W  (Wireless version)  

  • Operating temperature: -20 +60

  • 4 inputs for measuring wood moisture

  • 1 measurement input for temperature

  • 1 optional RH / T sensor input

  • Battery charge status sensor

  • Powered by 3.6V lithium AA battery

  • 5+ years battery life (continuous use)

  • Range of about 50m in open field

  • Transmission interval: 15 minutes (every minute for the first 8 hours)

  • Transmission indicator via red LED

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