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The most traditional of the contact meters, characterized by a high in depth penetration

Panoramica LG6NG



This meter, which is provided with 7 scales for the measure of wood classified according to its density, allows to make quick readings in depth on seasoned or dried wood (not green), without any damage on tested material.


Technical specifications

Code: C000032

  • Suggested testing range: 5-35%

  • Number of ranges: 7

  • Reading depth*: 1-3 cm

  • Power supply: 9V 6F22

  • Battery Autonomy: 60h approx

  • Size: 148x59x25 mm Weight: 200gr

* Minimum thickness suggested for testing material; it changes in inverse proportion to material density and moisture content.

Additional functions

  • Leather case

  • Alkaline battery

  • User manual

What's in the box?

  • Auto switch-off (when the measurement key is released)

  • Low battery indicator

Find out more

Software, Manuals, etc.
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