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The new kit for practical and effective measurement of moisture in concrete



Kit completo_C002247.png


Our new concrete measurement kit has been completely redesigned and now comes in a new version that is more precise, more sustainable and more practical to use.
With scrupulous attention to the ASTM F2170-11 standard, we have created two inserts with different lengths (40 and 60mm) designed around our new probe, created ad hoc for the purpose.
The vacuum cleaner adapter (fig.3), included in the package, allows easy cleaning of the installation point.
The dedicated cap (fig.5) allows to obtain the correct balance of humidity in the insert before measurement.

The complete kit is available under the code C002247


Installing our kit really is a breeze.

Using the multilingual guide provided or our official video, obtaining a correct and reliable measurement of the screed is a simple operation.

ATTENTION: it is essential to carefully follow and respect all 7 steps to obtain a reliable result and to comply with the specific regulation.

Box contents

In the package you will find:

  • ​1x RH sensor

  • 1x 40mm Bit Kit (5pcs)

  • 1x 60mm Bit Kit (5pcs)

  • 1x Vacuum Cleaner Adapter

  • 1x Installation Guide

Kit massetto_4.png
Kit massetto_5.png

Spare parts

We provide spare parts for all the components of the kit. The inserts are sold in packs of 5 (caps included).
C002105 - Kit Inserts 40mm x 5pcs
C002106 - Insert kit 60mm x 5pcs


To use our kit, you will need to connect the sensor to:
MoisTrue*, MT10, MT20 or MT30.**

*MoistAPP only works with MoisTrue
**The kit only works with these Logica H&S products.

Official video

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