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ht phytosanitary treatment

The wooden packaging materials are considered responsible for the infestation due to forestal parasites occurred in the United States, Canada, China and European Union, causing the promulgation of several control and prevention measures.

To reduce the diffusion of the parasites through the wooden packaging materials and to standardize the measures taken in the different Countries, some directives has been defined by FAO during the IPPC convention.


Among the several treatments allowed for timber sterilization, there is also an high temperature treatment cycle.

LogicaH&S solutions for heat treatment cycles.

LogicaH&S offers different solutions to perform HT cycles.

We space from simple products, able to measure several temperature points and save the results in table and graphic form, without any active control of the kiln, to fully automatic systems able to control the kiln in order to perform very optimized HT cycles, and up to fully automatic system including also timber drying capabilities.

Some of these systems accomplish also to the Italian regulations for HT process, which require, in addition to the classical measures, also the automatic verification of the measuring probes, by through a reference thermometer (LG40), and a number of special protections for the process and the recorded data.

Measurement and Certification Systems

These solutions do not offer a direct control of the kiln, that should be driven manually or by means of an external control systems.

They are particularly suitable to adapt existing kilns to perform HT cycles, for users having occasional need to perform HT cycles. Using these systems, the user is responsible to set a cycle having high temperature and long duration enough to satisfy the law requirements.

Since there is no feedback able to stop the kiln when the conditions are reached, the surveillance of the operator is required, especially when the initial conditions of the materials to be treated are not constant (for shape, dimensions, humidity content).

When the minimum time and temperature conditions required by the local regulations are satisfied, a message appears on the screen, to inform the operator that the cycle is finished and the kiln can be turned off.

SmartHT basic (not destined to Italian market)

The SmartHT system, which can read up to six wood temperature probes and 2 air temperature probes, consists of:

  • SmartHT software

  • USB485 converter

  • LG30 Data logging system

  • Wood/Air temperature probes

By installing the SmartHT software on a PC and connecting it to the LG30 data logger through the USB485 interface, a very simple and efficient system to measure and certify the HT cycles will be obtained.
At the end of treatment, a report containing the stock and plant ID data and the graphic representation of the temperature trend inside the timber can be produced, according to the current regulations
The two air temperature probes (Dry / Wet Bulb) can be used to measure the air temperature and humidity (required by some local regulations).
SmartHT basic can measure one kiln only; to connect several kilns to the same PC, the version based on WoodWizard2 software is required.

WoodWizard2 + LG30

In addition to the SmartHT features, the same solution based on WoodWizard2 software offers the capability to connect several kilns to the same PC.

The software is compatible both with the HT system and with all the Kiln controllers from LogicaH&S (dTOUCH series excluded), Moreover WoodWizard2 accomplish to Italian HT regulation requirements.

Measurement, Control and Certification Systems

SmartHT (not destined to Italian market)

The system consists of the same elements of the SmartHT basic plus a relay output unit:

  • SmartHT software

  • USB485 converter

  • LG30 Data logging system

  • Wood/Air temperature probes

  • LG39 Power Unit

This configuration transforms the control and certification solution in a system able to drive the kiln dryer automatically , according to the temperature and time setting, so performing very optimized HT cycles, without any need for the operator surveillance.

This solution is not available for Italian market and, as well as SmartHT basic, can control one kiln only.

Drying and HT integrated systems.

These systems, based on our dTouch, Delphi or M900* series controllers and a PC running WoodWizard2 software, sum to the features of the measuring and control solution, also the capability to perform drying cycles, which can be execute automatically instead of or immediately after the HT cycle.
This capability assures the maximum flexibility of the kiln; the software is compatible also with Italian regulation requirements.

* discontinued product

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More information regarding all the above mentioned solutions is available in the product web page
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